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Connect with Faith,
Gather with Hope,
Serve with Love.

Weekly Gatherings

Sunday Worship Service at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.

Livestream at 9 a.m.

Position Available

Servant of Christ has an opening for a Pastor of Children's Ministry. The position has the option to be either a 3/4-time or full-time. See job descriptions for details.

Nice to meet you.

Servant of Christ is a vibrant and healthy congregation located in Champlin, Minnesota.  We are a Biblically based congregation, and our mission is “Making Disciples”.  We are committed in every aspect of life to encourage people to grow and mature in faith by engaging in the following Biblical marks of discipleship: PRAYER, BIBLICAL LITERACY, SPIRITUAL FRIENDSHIP, WEEKLY WORSHIP, SERVING and GIVING.  We invite you to look through our website to find out more about Servant of Christ and to come visit and worship. 

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Sunday, May 5
One Time Special Gifts received in Worship

On Sunday, May 5, we will have a special collection during worship to help fund a new position for the Pastor of Children and Family Ministries. Our goal is $15,000.

The chart to the right shows what we need to reach our goal. 


Upcoming Events

Christ and Culture

Week 1 (April 7): Open Eyes and Hungry Hearts

The disciples encounter Jesus after he has risen from the dead and their eyes and hearts are opened.

Special Event: First Communion at 10:30 AM

Week 2 (April 14): Christ and Culture 1: Following Jesus leads us into, not out of culture

Clearly, Jesus was sent into our world and engaged deeply in the culture of his day. Following Jesus means engaging and at times critiquing culture.

Week 3 (April 21): Christ and Culture 2: Not in it to win it

The rest of the world assumes that Christians exist for the very same reason every other organization exists – to win at all costs. What if we’re different? What if we’re not here to win anything?

Week 4 (April 28): Christ and Culture 3: Don't be a Jerk...or a Pharisee

A passionate faith in God can sometimes lead us to a faith that leads others away from God. We can believe faith is all about getting it right and if I can be “righter” than them, well I will win.

Servant of Christ Ministries


Share your gifts with those around you and spend time in activities that bring you joy.

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